Where did that come from??

First of all I have to say that this work is the Lord’s work and not mine! That I am so extremely grateful that the Lord is using me as a tool in hands to bring  his children to Christ so that they can receive of his forgiveness and have pure joy, like the joy that I am blessed to feel!! So the first miracle. We found this past week a new investigator, Glenis, who is strongly a member of another church but feels hunger to know what she needs to do to make it back to God’s presence with her family. We started teaching her this week and in the third lesson she decided that she needed space to study the scriptures and pray to know which church is the Church of God so that she can follow the direction that God Gives her, so she is taking this week to meditate. This is good news because she doesn’t want to choose to follow either church for her family nor for us, she wants to seek for the answer that God has waiting for her, so we are really excited!!

Hermana Jordan and I contacted a family who were old investigators of other missionaries and we did something that we probably never would have imagined doing in our lives. We went into this home after the first time meeting this couple and we taught them about faith, repentance, baptism – and that they needed to get married so they would not be living in sin and that they could be baptized. They told us that we were right and let us come back to their home.(they just didn’t completely accept to get married, but tomorrow we will wait for them in the Registro civil to get a date to get married) I can testify that this was only possible because The Spirit was very strong and very present. I was probably the most direct that I have every been with anyone about the subject and I Know that I was only saying the things that I said because the Spirit was speaking through me.

We also had the miracle of having 125 people in the church on Sunday. 125 souls partaking of the Sacrament!! We have 10 new investigators this week and we are being extremely blessed in everything. We also moved to a better house where I don’t have to always throw out frogs!! My new companion is wonderful, Hermana Jordan is her name and we work really well together, and are already wonderful friends!! I know that this is the work of the Lord!! I know that the Lord does many miracles for us in our lives, especially when we are working  in his work!! The work of salvation!!!

I love ya’ll tons!!!

Hermana Zabala went to her home to continue being an amazing member missionary and share the gospel in Argentina, so WATCH OUT ARGENTINA!!

I got your package the day before Valentines day and the card is above my desk!! I absolutely am enjoying the stickers and on Valentines day we attacked our bishop with balloons. They don’t celebrate Valentines day here, but me and my companion did!!  everything is fantastic with me!!! My new companion is so awesome. WE have decided together to work extremely hard and obey with exactitude to have a grand miracle here.  We are already seeing a few with a  Wedding. and lots of baptisms these next six weeks. We have really high goals and we are already seeing several of our investigators progress and this past Sunday we had 125 people in church. of which 47 were from our area. (we have three companionships in our ward) 

It has started to cool of a bit, we have a nice cool breeze and I don’t wake up with my sweat mustache.  I am not learning Portuguese, I don’t have the time. but I am starting to understand more when they speak Portuguese to me!

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Viva el Amor!

VIVA EL AMOR!!!! So I am really excited, today we went with our Investigator Lucia, who is always extremely willing to do what it takes to follow Christ, to get a date to be married. AND they will be married and Baptized the 20th of March!!! YIPPY!!! More good news. So we have started to work more in the part of our Area called Cerro, that has been a bit overlooked as of late and is full of wonderful people willing and waiting to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. We had an amazing experience up there yesterday where we had the blessing to teach a sister who is hungry to know more about how she can make it back to the presence of our Heavenly Father with her family. We were sitting there awe struck listening to the testimony of this woman who is looking to come closer to Christ. First we had to ask the neighbor to turn her music down to be able to hear ourselves (which was fun). At the end of the lesson she asked us “When do ya’ll come back?” Her mother is her pastor, so this is going to be interesting, but we will see miracles as God touches their hearts and helps them to know the truthfulness and fullness of the Gospel. Meanwhile when we were teaching a neighbor girl was listening to the whole lesson watching with great big eyes and at the end of the lesson asked if we could give her one of the pamphlets for her to read. We are going to go back to visit them tomorrow- including the neighbor who we asked to turn the music down!! Three families to teach in one street!! I am so exited!! There are lots of wonderful things happening down here and we are working more and more with the ward members every week. So fun stuff that happened this week. My companion reached her 18th month mark and to honor this I wore all black and convinced a few members to join me, because when you end the mission you “die” it is a bit weird, but it was fun making Hermana Zabala laugh. We also had a Karaoke night in our ward and our investigator and a convert made a request that Hermana Zabala and I sing a song together. It didn’t turn out the best, but our “fans” were well pleased. Long story short everything is going awesome here. Tomorrow I will have a new companion, Hermana Jordan, and tonight I say bye to Hermana Zabala who is going home to be a member missionary.!!

I love you all so very very much. The best thing that ya’ll can do is help others come unto Christ and encourage others to do likewise.
love you bunches!!!
Hermana Spradlin!!
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Many Blessings and New Adventures

So this past week has been amazingly crazy and awesome, They have changed up our schedule so that we do two of our hours of study after lunch so we wont have to be walking around when the sun is at it’s hottest point and when the whole world is taking their siesta. This is a grand blessing for us!!! Though I am enjoying the sun and my beautiful tan. jajaja. We are entering in the month of Febrero, the month where many people celebrate Saint valentiens day and my parents celebrate their anniversary. So it is a month full of love and joy, and a month in which we will be trying to help a few couples to man up and get married, which can be really fun, and at the same time sometimes I just want to grab their shoulders and tell them “just do it all right!!!” Its loads of fun. Any one who might be reading this I want to extend the challenge that you show love to the person that you love most in a different manner everyday, and then see how the spirit can enter more into your life. This past week has been pretty awesome. We weren’t finding very many new people to teach BUT after a lot of rain storms we found a few more families to help teach and help come to Christ. One family was a reference that we received from a member. When she first told us that we would have to take a taxi to get there because it is very far away, My first thought was, Hermana, we are missionaries, we are accustomed to walking a lot. But I didn’t say anything. When she accompanied us in taxi after 15 minuets I was expecting to arrive any time, but the farther we went the worse the dirt roads got, and about an hour later we finally got to the house and found an amazing family to teach. Also in the drive to the ranch the member who was guiding us decided to start sharing the gosple with the Taxi driver and helped us set up a lesson with him for tomorrow. We also invited him to sit with us and participate in the lesson. I don’t think it will be a trip that he will ever forget. The ward here is amazing, and many of the members help us loads, we have taken to going to all of the relief society activities here and I really do feel like we are all here part of a team, it is so much fun to play sports with these ladies and to work together with them. 

I love you all so much and hope that this week goes well for you all!!! Always put God first. I am learning that that is the secret to real and lasting joy!!
Les quiero mucho!!
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Unexpected experiences!

This past week has been pretty amazing and crazy! We had interviews with our mission president and more training. Now we have the opportunity to make mission teams in our wards, made up of less actives who are coming back into activity and Recent converts. The goal of this team is so that they will be more or less like a missionary and help us find more people to teach. We also are refining our skill for teaching the law of tithing. The best part of training was the 10 minute interview with the president, really I know that our Mission president is called of God to help guide the work of salvation in Uruguay!!! Presidente Smith is Awesome!! The next day Hermana Zabala and I got together with the elders in our ward and the Bishop to put together a capacitacion to help inspire the leaders of our ward to work more with us in the work of Salvation. It was crazy how a meeting that was going to be about 30 miutes to an hour lasted several hours bouncing off ideas of how to help the ward and work all together. I think it lasted a bit longer for the moments when we couldn’t stop laughing. But at the end of the day we came up with some pretty rocking ideas and were excited to get the ball rolling!!  So the next day we had to do our planing for all of the following week and get hand outs and lists ready for Sunday (Hermana Zabala and I). Saturday we went out and worked and worked and worked in the streets and with our investigators as well as practiced with the elders for the training session. Sunday, we finished our planing and set up for the capacitacion. The suprise of it all is that I had the opportunity to teach a part of the training with an Elder, and Hermana Zabala taught the other part with his companion. It was actually reallly fun teaching with elder Call and watching my companion teach with his companion. We didn’t have a big turn out, but those who were there felt the Spirit and we were planing the way to have another capacitacion. I love teaching the Gospel, and it makes me so happy being able to work with the members and other missionaries. This week I spent more time in the chapel than any other time in my life, but we have started to make a difference here. We are forming a team, a team that together will work for the salvation of our brothers and sister. That is the Idea no? God created His plan so that we can have Exaltation and Salvation, and we should work together with him, all of us, so that all of his children will be able to return to his presence!! Like you said mom, the earth is waiting for the Son to come back, and we are here to prepare the Earth for His comming!!! How grand is our work!! How important it is that we do our part!! I love you all so much and hope that you are enjoying thouroughly teaching!! I know that I am enjoying it. Also good news, Juan recived the Sacerdocio Aronico this past Sunday!! We still have to help him have a stronger testimony in the Book of Mormon, but He is progressing, we also are still working to help Paola y Henry get married, they will be able to set a date this week for their wedding!! Everything is AWESOME!!!

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jajaja, no, it has only gotten up to 42 or 50 one day. I wake up sweating. 42 us 107 Fahrenheit! I am blessed to have no trouble sleeping, It is just amusing that after I shower and dry off I have a fresh layer of sweat in a few seconds. but I am already getting used to it.

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with missionaires DSCN1125JUAN WAS BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY!!! For the past four or five weeks we have been teaching our investigator Juan and preparing him for baptism, but He did’t want to give us a sure yes until we were teaching him this past Friday with the Bishop and after a looong pause he said yes and Saturday he entered the waters of baptism.  Sunday, after telling us that he wasn’t going to be able to make it because he had to take care of his car, he showed up at the church in a white shirt to recive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. It has been a blast teaching him because he has a strong Evangelical back ground and lots of questions, but when it came down to commiting to keep a comandment of God he always is 100% ready to pull through, because it is the Word of God. I loved it that he didn’t commit to baptism until he was convinced that it was what God wanted him to do. One of his questions was over who was Joesph Smith and to help him clear up his doubt we watched the movie Joesph Smith , the prophet of the Restoration and at the end with tears in his eyes he declared “there are no more questions”. The spirit confermed that Joesph Smith really was his chosen prophet, called to restore His Church., He is also very dedicated to serving, right after his baptism when we were putting up the chairs he came back saying that He has to help because now that he was a member of the Congrigation that it was his duty too. 

We also helped the ward clean the church and we got to get a bit wet with Hermana Coca again spraying down the windows with a hose. We also invited another one of our investigators, Lucia, to help and she worked even till after we started taking out the refreshments and the members had to convince her to come in and eat. Lucia is really an amazing woman she has raised the two children of a friend and then when this friend had no place to live she took care of her till she found a place to live. The people here have such an amazing Spririt of service and Love. WE are also teaching the children of one of our members menos activos and well it is a bit overwhealming teaching 7 people all at once but it sure is a blast and we are always laughing about something. I really do love the joy that comes from teaching the gosple and helping others find and stay on the path that leads to eternal life!
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Temples and Teaching

I think that one of the fun things about teaching is that there is always something new to learn. What do ya’ll think about me being a Spanish teacher as well, or an english teacher? The Lord has blessed me with the Gift of tongues and I want to keep on using this gift to help lots and lots of people. This past week was really amazing, and way too short. Hermana Zabala and I had three days to work in the temple and we worked in every part that we could!!! We even got permision to do baptisms. It is hard to explain well enough in any language how I felt in the temple. I really like what the daughter of family Nuñez said when I asked her what the temple is for her when we were teaching and preparing them to enter the temple. She Said “The temple is our house” She hadn’t even been to a temple before and understood very well that the temple is the house of our Heavenly father and so it is also our House because we are his children. It was so much fun we pretty much only left the temple to eat and sleep. We definitely went there to work!! We also had fun playing in the rain with Hermana Coca and a few of the other members!! It was so much fun, expecially because there was a meeting for the leaders of the mission going on at the same time, so they were inside looking at us like, “What in the world are these Hermanas doing?” we were having fun splashing in puddles with our members. And yes the mission president was watching as well. Coca invited him to play with us, but sadly he couldn’t. I really do love the temple and I love the strength that comes from doing the Lord’s work inside and outside of the temple. At the end of the day we are tired and I have to fight the urge to lay on the floor during nightly planning, but it is the best feeling in the world knowing that you are doing the Lord’s work. We also had some amazing lessons when we were in Artigas, we are trying to focus on working with members more and one day we acomplished having a member in each lesson. Really when the members share their testimony it makes a great difference because they can relate better with the people here and there is an amazing spirit about the lesson. To top an amazing week off we may have a baptism this week, I will have to let ya’ll know how it turns out. 

with mucho amor,
Hermana Spradlin.


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