Where did that come from??

First of all I have to say that this work is the Lord’s work and not mine! That I am so extremely grateful that the Lord is using me as a tool in hands to bring  his children to Christ so that they can receive of his forgiveness and have pure joy, like the joy that I am blessed to feel!! So the first miracle. We found this past week a new investigator, Glenis, who is strongly a member of another church but feels hunger to know what she needs to do to make it back to God’s presence with her family. We started teaching her this week and in the third lesson she decided that she needed space to study the scriptures and pray to know which church is the Church of God so that she can follow the direction that God Gives her, so she is taking this week to meditate. This is good news because she doesn’t want to choose to follow either church for her family nor for us, she wants to seek for the answer that God has waiting for her, so we are really excited!!

Hermana Jordan and I contacted a family who were old investigators of other missionaries and we did something that we probably never would have imagined doing in our lives. We went into this home after the first time meeting this couple and we taught them about faith, repentance, baptism – and that they needed to get married so they would not be living in sin and that they could be baptized. They told us that we were right and let us come back to their home.(they just didn’t completely accept to get married, but tomorrow we will wait for them in the Registro civil to get a date to get married) I can testify that this was only possible because The Spirit was very strong and very present. I was probably the most direct that I have every been with anyone about the subject and I Know that I was only saying the things that I said because the Spirit was speaking through me.

We also had the miracle of having 125 people in the church on Sunday. 125 souls partaking of the Sacrament!! We have 10 new investigators this week and we are being extremely blessed in everything. We also moved to a better house where I don’t have to always throw out frogs!! My new companion is wonderful, Hermana Jordan is her name and we work really well together, and are already wonderful friends!! I know that this is the work of the Lord!! I know that the Lord does many miracles for us in our lives, especially when we are working  in his work!! The work of salvation!!!

I love ya’ll tons!!!

Hermana Zabala went to her home to continue being an amazing member missionary and share the gospel in Argentina, so WATCH OUT ARGENTINA!!

I got your package the day before Valentines day and the card is above my desk!! I absolutely am enjoying the stickers and on Valentines day we attacked our bishop with balloons. They don’t celebrate Valentines day here, but me and my companion did!!  everything is fantastic with me!!! My new companion is so awesome. WE have decided together to work extremely hard and obey with exactitude to have a grand miracle here.  We are already seeing a few with a  Wedding. and lots of baptisms these next six weeks. We have really high goals and we are already seeing several of our investigators progress and this past Sunday we had 125 people in church. of which 47 were from our area. (we have three companionships in our ward) 

It has started to cool of a bit, we have a nice cool breeze and I don’t wake up with my sweat mustache.  I am not learning Portuguese, I don’t have the time. but I am starting to understand more when they speak Portuguese to me!


About amberblackburn

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Currently I am Studying at Brigham Your University to be a Speech Pathologist.
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