I’m dreaming of a HOT Christmas!!!

This past two  weeks have been reeeealy crazy. My companion Hermana
Ferrera and I got a suprise call this past week from the President
telling us that Hermana Ferrera will be going to serve in Tacuarumbo
and Hermana Zabala will be my companion again!!!, but this time I am
senior companion, which is a bit weird for me because she has more
experience than I do, but hey I am with my good old friend again!! and
we are having lots of fun!!

Here in Artigas Barrio 3 apparently there are about
1000 members…. and we had 83 attend this past Sunday. it is crazy
We are gearing up for Christmas here and celebrating in wonderful
ways!! First we had a dinner with our ward, which was so yummy!!
Then on Sunday we had a stake choir performance and a nativity scene
where they had the missionaries sing behind the Nativity scene after
Jesus Christ was born. And Christmas eve we ate dinner with the Family
Nuñes who are our Tia, Tio y primos (Aunt,Uncle and cousins) here and the elders. The most
important way that we have been celebrating Christmas is by doing what
the angels of olden times did and declare the great message of the
Gospel to all of the people. Some of the amazing things that have
happened is that one of our Investigators brought one of her friends
to church with her. I was really touched by her example, she always
tells us how she has found great peace in the gospel and wants to
share it with her friends!! We should all be like that!! When we have
the Gospel in our lives we should share it with all of our friends
because it brings joy and peace in our lives, and living it leads us
to eternal joy. That is what we should want for our friends as well
isn’t it. I know that this gospel is true, I know it as sure as I know
that this sun is Hot!!! I really love you all and hope that you all
had a wonderful Christmas and will have an even more amazing new
con amor Hermana Spradlin!!!!  Image

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Mr. or Miss sheep and me!

Mr. or Miss sheep and me!

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Where the Tall Grass grows

Where the Tall Grass grows

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New Area in the sun

New Area in the sun

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Awesome week

 This past week has been pretty awesome!! We had a
crazy week Yesterday we were invited to lunch/birthday party at a
members house and well I felt right at home, except that they were
treating my companions and me like vip!! When we were trying to help
serve everyone else (because that is what missionaries do) they kept
on insisting that we served ourselves first,.It was fun because they had
their loud music and well a crazy family like mine who loves to put
frosting in your face, dance, and make you laugh.  When we tried to
leave one of the sisters grabbed me and stuck a white table cloth over
my head spinning me around saying “she got married in Uruguay!!” then
did the same thing to my companion. I had to promise them that when I
get of my mission and return to Uruguay I would come back, sip some
mate and dance with them. I love these easy going people. We found a
new investigator to teach. It was really neat because when we passed by
their house and saw that their door was open I thought and said to my
companion that they were waiting for us because the door was open.
When we went to talk to them it really seemed like they were waiting
for us, although the poor sister falls asleep in our lessons and fell
asleep during church as well. We had to teach the restauration
standing up with her. jaja. Each week I am more and more sure that it
is the Lord who is in charge of this work, because there is no way that
two 20 year old girls could enter in the houses of strangers and help
them completely change their lives for the better if it werent that we
didn’t have God with us every step of the way. I am thinking more and
more of the Savior and His life that He gave for us. It is amazing to
think that Jesus Christ really suffered everything for us to give us
the oprotunity to have a fulness of joy. I am so greatful to know that
my Savior really loves me and that he cares for me. I love you guys
and hope that you are all well!!
con amor,
Hermana Spradlin

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

 We ImageImageImageImage

Arriving in Artigas I was met by the Sister who trained me – We are now both in the same Branch!

 This week we were in the house of a member menos activo who we are working with and 

she had her grand child there who stared at me the whole time and I

couldn’t help but thinking, I just want to hold it!! jaja oh, and mom,
the house is really nice, we have beds and everything!! Here they feed
us lunch everyday so all we have to worry about is breakfast and a
carrot at night. They really do take good care of us here. This past
week has been busy in the best ways possible. Well every week is. One
of the families who we are working with accepted a baptismal date!! so
now we just have to help them with all their needs and gain a
testimony of the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is
really amazing that the Lord is using us youngns to help people
completely change their lives and follow Him. It helps us to remember
that this is really God’s work and that all depends on Him, because
otherwise we couldn’t do it. So our Thanksgiving was crazy!! While
you were cooking turkey my companion and I contacted a man who has a
200 something old house, a monkey and a wine vinyard, yup he makes
his own wine. We wanted to share the gospel and he wanted to show us
all of his groves, sheep and his monkey. It was really fun, and
extremely beautiful!! He has an old fashioned wine cellar and
everything. He told us that we could use his grounds for a p -day and
that he will make us a churriso. Later that day we had lunch with
some members, noodles and yummy chicken and then we gave a Book of
Mormon to one of our investigators and to top off the day we had a
choque de fuerza where we get a bunch of people to help missionaries
find people in their area. We found a part member family to help!!
Really this week has been crazy fun I even started learning samba in a
ward activity. Everything is moving forward in the work of the Lord!!
Today we are going to help our investigators mark a date to get
married. Here it is a bit more complicated to get married!! I know
really that this is the Work of the Lord and that He really does love
us!! I know that the Greatest joys really do come from living the
gospel and serving God!!

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So I thought I have already given you the address, but here it is again because I really want mail!!

Hermana Spradlin

Mision montivideo oeste

Enrique Matinez 1167.MontivedeoUruguay 11.800

CHa cha changes. Turn face a stranger! CHanges! Time may change miii!!! But I can’t change time!!

Sorry guys I just think that song really has to do with changes in the mission because the time goes rapidly and before you know it six months have gone and you turn to talk to your companion and see a strange who soon will be one of your best friends. So yup I have been called to serve in Artigas Barrio 3 (3rd Ward). I have been told that it is REALLY HOT and the biggest ward in the mission some 130 people!! HEHe I am so excited!!! To be completely honest I will miss this place. It is amazing how fast you come to love people. I will miss my companion’s crazy antics, even the times when she tells me caellate (be quiet)!! But I am excited to serve with my new compañion Hermana Ferrera, My friend Hermana Nielson told me she is great so we are going to have lots of fun. I catch the bus at 4 today and the Familia Sinz give us lunch for a despidida (farewell) and the Hermano Sinz had country and oldies playing all the time. Almost everyone has said something about my smile, so thank ya’ll for first teaching me how to smile and enjoy the adventure that they call life. We found Jose Angel again, it is going to take a bit of patience on the part of all the missionaries that teach him, but when he gains a testimony of the Gospel I am sure that he is going to be really strong. Plus it is fun to talk to the honery old fart that collects birds. Yasmina is just amazing with her humility and love, I love teaching her, I am sure she is going to do amazing things it is amazing to see her eagerness to learn and to do God’s will. I love you guys so much, thank you so much for all of you support and love. I know that this Gospel is the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and that it is here on the earth to bless all of the families of the earth. Including ours. 

Lots of love!!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Amber Leigh Spradlin
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