Unexpected experiences!

This past week has been pretty amazing and crazy! We had interviews with our mission president and more training. Now we have the opportunity to make mission teams in our wards, made up of less actives who are coming back into activity and Recent converts. The goal of this team is so that they will be more or less like a missionary and help us find more people to teach. We also are refining our skill for teaching the law of tithing. The best part of training was the 10 minute interview with the president, really I know that our Mission president is called of God to help guide the work of salvation in Uruguay!!! Presidente Smith is Awesome!! The next day Hermana Zabala and I got together with the elders in our ward and the Bishop to put together a capacitacion to help inspire the leaders of our ward to work more with us in the work of Salvation. It was crazy how a meeting that was going to be about 30 miutes to an hour lasted several hours bouncing off ideas of how to help the ward and work all together. I think it lasted a bit longer for the moments when we couldn’t stop laughing. But at the end of the day we came up with some pretty rocking ideas and were excited to get the ball rolling!!  So the next day we had to do our planing for all of the following week and get hand outs and lists ready for Sunday (Hermana Zabala and I). Saturday we went out and worked and worked and worked in the streets and with our investigators as well as practiced with the elders for the training session. Sunday, we finished our planing and set up for the capacitacion. The suprise of it all is that I had the opportunity to teach a part of the training with an Elder, and Hermana Zabala taught the other part with his companion. It was actually reallly fun teaching with elder Call and watching my companion teach with his companion. We didn’t have a big turn out, but those who were there felt the Spirit and we were planing the way to have another capacitacion. I love teaching the Gospel, and it makes me so happy being able to work with the members and other missionaries. This week I spent more time in the chapel than any other time in my life, but we have started to make a difference here. We are forming a team, a team that together will work for the salvation of our brothers and sister. That is the Idea no? God created His plan so that we can have Exaltation and Salvation, and we should work together with him, all of us, so that all of his children will be able to return to his presence!! Like you said mom, the earth is waiting for the Son to come back, and we are here to prepare the Earth for His comming!!! How grand is our work!! How important it is that we do our part!! I love you all so much and hope that you are enjoying thouroughly teaching!! I know that I am enjoying it. Also good news, Juan recived the Sacerdocio Aronico this past Sunday!! We still have to help him have a stronger testimony in the Book of Mormon, but He is progressing, we also are still working to help Paola y Henry get married, they will be able to set a date this week for their wedding!! Everything is AWESOME!!!


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I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Currently I am Studying at Brigham Your University to be a Speech Pathologist.
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