Double post!

So here are the results of this change: Hermana Christiansen is heading out to Rivera to a new compañara and I will be staying in Fray Bentos and will be meeting my new companion. If I remember her name right she is Hermana Sisnella. Something like that. I am both excited and nervous because I have to show her and teach her the area, and lets just say that I still have not learned very well myself, I still don’t know all of the streets. I am excited because she has more experience and so that means that I will get to learn a lot from her. We have one of the missionaries in our house who goes home today. Her name is Hermana Redd and she is really an amazing missionary and will continue to be an amazing missionary for the rest of her life, I really believe it!  This past week went by really fast, we spent most of our energy inviting people to come to general conference. Which by the way was amazing!! If you want to see excitement just watch a bunch of missionaries on the morning of the first session of general conference, It is a beautiful sight!! One of the Hermanas, who is not a morning person, was dancing in the Kitcion while we were making breakfast. We were all quite shocked because she does not even talk to us most mornings. In this mission we are working a lot more right now with the less active members  and trying to help them come back to the Lord’s church so that they can partake of the Sacrament and two of the sisters that we are working with came to General conference. I was just about dancing around to see them in the chapel!! I love all that I am learning from the members here!! I learn so much from the investigators as well. We were teaching Jonathan about the Espiritu Santo yesterday and sometimes I have these moments when I am teaching and I just try to say too much in one sentence or something like that. He just gave me one of his confused looks and pretty much told me he didn’t understand anything I just said and that it would be better if I just explained one short thing at a time. He was so right and when I talked to my companion about it she told me that she even gets lost some times when I do that. At least at the end of the lesson he understood what he should. The lesson learned is that the Gospel is simple and sweet and we don’t need to try to explain everything that enters into our head at one moment. lol. I am so grateful for the Gospel, I am likewise grateful to learn each and every day how to be more like my Savior Jesus Christ. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true, and that it brings Joy and true change in a persons life!! Though I think we have had three lessons this past week where the members cried, and one where we found out that the husband of the investigator who were were about to meet died the night before. All of these difficulties although hard are a part of living in this terrestrial imperfect world. But because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ we can give our burdens to him and he will alleviate them, or strengthen our backs for us. He really does know us, He knows our needs and He is just waiting for us to ask him for His help and for us to give us our hearts so that he can heal them!! I Love my Savior and I am eternally grateful to Him!! I know that we have living prophets who guide and instruct us in the path that leads back to Christ!!  Don’t ever forget to pray!! Don’t forget to give a few minutes to God because He wants to give you everything!
Con amor,
Hermana Spradlin
“Here comes a new Cambio”
I am SOOO!! excited for this next six (now five) weeks. Hermana Zaballa is so awesome!! We are having lots of fun and we are working hard. It is good to be talking more in spanish and to be explaining the area. I was really nervous about teaching the area to a missionary, because I don’t really have the best memory and I didn’t feel like I quite had the hang of things. But now I can testify that the Spirit does bring everything to your memory and really does guide your feet. I have only gotten a little lost but always to find the way to our destination and with Hermana Zabala cheering- that she is so glad that she is not the only one who gets lost!! So far we have made it to all of the houses we wanted to arrive at.
 We have started to teach the daughter of one of our less actives who is  so lovely. Everyone reaches a time in their lives where they are ready to learn of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She had apparently listened to the missionaries when their parents were learning about the church, but now she feels that it is the time for her to listen to the gospel for herself and ask for herself.
The gospel really is a personal thing that we must all search to really be converted. Conversion is something that we should be working on every day.
We had a farewell/ celebration of the obra missional which was awesome!! We were inspired to really push what the general authorities said about bringing a friend to the Gospel before Christmas so we taught about that. The elders did a practice about how the members could share with their friends. It was hilarious because the elders were pretending to sip their mate (mate is a hot drink there) and well neither of them knew what they were doing with the mate so the members had a hoot with that. The moral of the story is really that we are all missionaries and without the member missionaries the full time missionaries really are nothing!!! It is up to all of us to invite everyone to come to Christ so that Everyone can have the opportunity to choose to follow Him!!

So every Thursday night we have a Noche de barrio with a lesson, games, and dessert. It is a great thing that we use to invite everyone to come and participate. The person who was going to give the lesson was not able to make it so I had the privilege to teach the lesson, using something that I learned from Hermana Enriquez, which actually turned out well. I just may be getting the hang of this. 

Some of the best moments of this week were the confirmation of Jonathan, having Hermana Zaballa as my compañara, and seeing one of my dear friends who we have been working with come back to the Church to partake of the Santa Cena (Sacrament).

Really this church is the church of Jesus Christ and I know it will all of my heart. We were born on this earth so that we could learn to rejoice with our friends and family. Life can be difficult but the beauty of it is that as children of God we can have eternal joy!!

Send my love to everyone!!

con amor,

Hermana Spradlin


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