Se Bautizo!

This past week has been extremely crazy and stressful and wonderful, but hey that is how life goes!!  Six weeks will have already passed by and we will have cambios this next week. meaning p-day will be on Tuesday of next week and we will be going crazy trying to guess how these changes go. Tell the El Dorado ward that I love and miss them. They are a really AWESOME ward.
 There are many times that I feel inadequate here like my efforts are not really enough. But this weekend we had a training with President Smith and he taught us something that I find priceless. Really we are inadequate, but we present the lord with our loaves and fishes and he makes it enough to nurture all of His children.

Little story of the week, our apartment got contacted by missionaries from another church while we were doing our language study and well we spent a good 20 minutes trying to teach each other. We were very friendly though, we listened for a while then started to testify of Christ’s church. it was great.We even left them with a folder that they tried to give back, but we pretty much shut the door before they could. ( I still feel a bit mischievious (how do you spell that word))
Slightly larger story of the week: We had a talent show and dessert competition on Friday night and Hermana Christiansen and I did a missionary rap. Which was fun to say the least. Yes, be proud, be very proud!! At least my apple crisp was yummy!!
Big story of the week: So our investigator Jonathan told us on Tuesday that he had to go to Montevideo this past week to take care of some medical stuff so he could not get baptized this Saturday and we told him that the baptism is really important and that he should pray to see whether or not he should be baptized this weekend or should wait. Apparently on Wednesday he felt like he should change all of his plans so that he could be baptized this past weekend and didn’t bother telling us until Thursday night,, which meant that Hermana Christianson and I were making calls all Thursday and Friday night so that he could have his baptism. It so happened that the person he wanted to baptize him was going to be out of town Saturday with the ward on a temple trip. So after much calling and texting, and praying we organized Jonathan’s baptism. The water was cold but the Spirit was strong!! This kid is going to do much work for the Lord and I am so excited for him!!!
I know that my Savior loves me and I know that there is a lot more to learn and a lot more work to do. I absolutely love the gospel. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is Gods church on the earth today! I know that faith takes work, and that faith brings about miracles!!! 
con muchisimo amor,
Hermana Spradlin

About amberblackburn

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Currently I am Studying at Brigham Your University to be a Speech Pathologist.
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