Uruguay is the Best! ;)

This past week has been amazing. We had our
Conferencia de Zona with Presidente Smith and the Assistants and we
learned new ways to teach so that the investigators can have spiritual
experiences to help them continue firm and so that when we are not
with them they will pray and read the Book of Mormon and be able to
feel of the spirit of the Lord, and then make it to Church on Sunday.
The Spirit was so strong that by the end of the conference I was
exhausted in one of the most happiest of ways. This past week the sky
decided to reflect my mood with sunshine!! We also had a correlation
with our bishop which was really amazing. To a missionary I think that
is one of the best gifts that you can give, other than golden
references, is the support of the ward!! Investigators progress the
best with the help of members, because like anyone else they need the
help of good friends to make a great change in their lives. We had an
activity that my lovely compañara and Iput together with the barrio.
it was an activity of postres (deserts) in which every organization
had to make a different postre from different countries. ( I made
apple crisp, yummm) The activity was an success because everyone
participated in making postres and in playing in the games that we
had. I think my favorite games were the “race” that we did which
turned into the members only carrying each other from one side of the
room to another, and musical chairs. I had a lovely assistant for
musical chars, a two year old who would make anybody’s day!!   We will
have an activity now every Friday.
It is a sunny and warm day and we are playing with the other hermanas
in our zone, we did a bit of shopping and went out to eat at a
restaurant. Just enjoying being Hermanas – Before changes next week!!
My training ends this week. Hna Enriquez and I have talked about the
possibility of training… I don’t know if I am ready. But if I am
called to train, I will do it with a prayerful heart.   l  love
Testifying of Christ and His Gospel, I love serving as a missionary,
there is nothing better than being in the Work of the Lord, especially
in this time that The Lord is apressurando su obra!! Hoy Es El Dìa!!
Con amor,
Hermana Spradlin


About amberblackburn

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Currently I am Studying at Brigham Your University to be a Speech Pathologist.
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