Everything is going beautifully here. We have had a few
days of sunshine and warmth here, and have finally bought an adaptor for
when the cold comes back to haunt us. We had two beautiful baptisms and
confirmations this past week. I have learned something about the tithing
with Natalie and Ignacio that beforehand I have not really thought about.
When we were teaching, Natalie and Ignacio both expressed their desire to
contribute to the rieno de Dios. Ignacio, who can’t work just yet, expressed
his desires to get a job so that he can contribute to helping out others
and Natalie expressed her desire to also contribute serves. It is really
fun teaching Ignacio because he is trying to read everything of the church
that he can get his hands on, so many times I felt like extending the
deafio and saying the closing prayr after he would answer a question.  It
was a wonderful experience and witness that it is really the Holy Ghost that
teaches and we present the message.  The most beautiful part was hearing
them share their testimonies and expressing their desires to follow Christ,
and that they truely felt happy and clean. Natalie was baptized even down
to her cell phone, pobre. (But it still works!!)  Beforehand I had thought
of tithing more as a commandment that brings blessings and that we should
obay something that is an opportunitt to contribute to the building up the
kingdom of God here on the Earth, but really that is what it is. So I am
sharing more in the lessions meaning that I am making more mistakes, for
example We were teaching about repentance and as an example I wanted to say
for example if you had gone to a bad party. Now party in spanish is fiesta
and partido in spanish in more like a football game, and the worst thing
you could tell a Urugyan is that it is a sin to go to a football game. lol.
You should have seen the investigators face, it was one of utter panic. It
is a good thing we have companions to help clear up language difficulties.
There are moments in teaching where I strongly feel the spirit, and well
there are others where I feel more like  “what in the world am I doing” But
the work gose on and the Lord still works miricals for us. Vamo Arriba!!!
This is truely the Work of the Lord. I know that there is only one path
that leads to salvation, This path is found In the Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints.
Hermana Spradlin


About amberblackburn

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Currently I am Studying at Brigham Your University to be a Speech Pathologist.
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