Milagros y Hermanas

Wow, talk about procrastination. I know that I have had the habit of procrastinating, but I don´t think I could of procrastinated in anything to do with my mission, this work is too urgent to put anything of. It is the work of the Lord, the work of salvation. As for the culture here… The people can be very loving. It is hugs and kisses all around. I really like it because I never go for want of hugs!!!! The people here work a lot, which makes it difficult to set up appointments but we manage. At the same time they seem to be very relaxed in their homes with their mate (a herbal drink that they have here, it is rare to see an Uruguayan without their mate) We are doing well here. Yesterday we had the baptism of a young woman named Milagros, who is a Milagro for us!! I will never forget the look on her face when she came out of the baptismal font, with a smile from ear to ear. That is the joy of the gospel, it brings light into our lives and when we we are faithful to Christ we become a light to others! I think that the only thing that went a bit weird was when I was directing the last hymn and my eyes skipped to the last verse while everyone else was still on the second verse, I was so confused. The Hermanas in our ward and one of our investigators had great fun of it. It was a while before I could stop laughing, but no matter Millagros was baptized and confirmed!!! And I don´t think they will have me conduct anymore.  An example of the love that I have seen here is in the home of an investigator, Deborah. She is so amazing. We needed a place to teach two of our recent converts and we asked Deborah if we could use her home. She said Yes. When we got there she had three seats set up for us and little stacks of bricks for the others. The seats were for us because we are representatives of the Lord and the other for her because she had to take care of her baby. It is so humbling entering into a small house and visiting with these amazing people and having them treat us with the best of all that they have. It was so much fun, kind of felt like we should have a camp fire and marshmallows. It is amazing the respect and love people show us, not because of who we are, but because of the message that we bring. It is a message that brings light, joy and hope into the lives of all those who will receive it. Tonight we have a noche de Hermanas with them!! We are still finding more and more people. They seem to be very understanding with my faulty Spanish, partly because almost all of them have had to try and learn English in school. Bah, they get paid to go to school here. Hard to imagine that. The gospel is true in all lands and If we do our part we are blessed with gifts that last for Eternity!!! I love this work, really I do. I love to see the change and joy that the gospel brings into peoples lives. Jesus Christ lives, and He lives for us!!!

Con amor,

Hermana Spradlin


About amberblackburn

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Currently I am Studying at Brigham Your University to be a Speech Pathologist.
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