Que Semana!

This is Tillie Watkins, Amber’s “Escriba” for the next 18 months, checking in to give y’all an update on the wonderful Hermana Spradlin! As you may have read in the last post, Amber was moved out to the mission early after being placed in an accelerated class in the CCM (MTC). The update from her that follows was sent on June 3; her Mission President emailed the next day saying that she had officially arrived in the Montevideo West mission. The picture is of the group that arrived that day (the 4th). No more news from Hermana yet, but as soon as it arrives I’ll have it up for everyone to enjoy! ~La Escriba


“This past week was pretty awesome and well of course I got wet. So I thought that my boots and my bag were water proof, but apparently they were not, at least  Hermana Phillips warned me to place my scriptures in plastic bags so they are still fine. I was just wet up to my waist. at least my raincoat worked, that was a good call on Grandma Albrethsen’s part.That day though we found a new investigator who we are hoping will choose to be baptized, the only thing stopping him right now is that he does not fill responsible enough to take on the baptismal covenant. He has already taken all the discussions from previous missionaries again, but we are starting all over and hoping that he can see how awesome he is because he is really fantastic. I have had my first investigator except the baptismal challenge and a date to be baptized. Hermana Phillips and I were teaching her the Restoration and when I asked her if she would follow the example of Christ and be baptized she said “Sì,” and I think that after the lesson was done I pretty much skipped out of there. My confidence in speaking Spanish and teaching has really skyrocketed but not because of any power of my own, It is all the spirit and I love it. I am a representative of Christ and am so blessed to be able bare testimony of Him as His missionary. I have four companions, Hermana Phillips, The Holy Ghost, Jesus Christ and Myself. I never am standing alone and I can always trust the Holy Ghost to translate my words into the language of the peoples heart and I can trust Jesus Christ to help me use His atonement to become better, I can trust Hermana Phillips to encourage me on and to say exactly what else needs to be said, and now I can trust myself to open my mouth. More on my companion. I just love her to peaces, It is going to be hard to leave her tomorrow. But she is just the Bees knees, we are always laughing together and she is always encouraging me on. Hermana Phillips is from Utah and her family owns sheep, she is more quite than I am which is good for me, I am learning to listen better from her and to take some time just to think. 
“So I had an amazing experience that I especially loved. I was able to participate in a visitors center activity that the senior couples here put on for the wards. It is basically a tour like what they do at the Temple visitor centers and they have the sister missionaries give the tour. We start with a model of the Cristus statue and a recording of Christs words, then we continue on to different tables where panels are set up where the fundamentals of the Gospel are presented and at each table we take turns teaching and testifying and at the end of the tour the group goes to the baptismal font area where two elders are dressed in white and explain about the importance of baptism. There is nothing like baring testimony of Jesus Christ and of his plan for us. I love love love doing it. I even got to take a small group of primary kids through, talk about a way to make my day!! The kids were so adorable, and the members were so kind. The main idea of the program though is to get nonmembers to come and we had a few which was awesome and we got lots of references. I love the joy of the Gospel, it is the only thing that will bring you true and everlasting joy!!
“8 new investigators this week!!
“Love you lots!!
“Next stop tomorrow: somewhere in the Uruguay Montevideo west mission.
“Con amor, 
“Hermana Spradlin”

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I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Currently I am Studying at Brigham Your University to be a Speech Pathologist.
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